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More Than 75 Lacs Historical and Administrative Record of Rajputana Princely States are Online

More Than 75 Lacs Historical and Administrative Record of Rajputana Princely States are Online

New5 lacs more pages of Mahekma Khas Jodhpur State (Marwar) and library online

Archives ensure that the records of today are preserved for future generation. Archives department has initiated the work of digitizing valuable records and these digitized records are available online on our website We have been online more than 75 lacs historical and revenue records of Rajputana's princely states so that it is easily available to research scholars, administrative department, judiciary in public as per requirement. These online records are available for a variety of research uses including teaching purpose, building plans, publications and legal proceeding. It is very useful to both public and research scholars. It will help them in their research work. Professor and lecturers of different universities upgrade their knowledge through these online records and spread their knowledge in students. Writers and historian consult these original online archives records for publishing new books. Government departments including judiciary, research centre, government library and other state archives are also benefited from these online records as they obtain essential information for use in legal proceeding, and research. Archives attracted to tourist for family history and cultural heritage have become major reasons of tourism. It's my humble request to the professor and lecturers of different universities to spread the treasure of Rajasthan state archives among students so that they are benefited.

Brief online records details:-
Bikaner State
3.25 Lacs Patta records of Bikaner division, Bikaner Bahiyat, Bikaner english records, Confidential records and files of Prajamandal and peasant movement.
Bikaner Bahiyat such as Bikaner-Kagdo ki Bahiya, kagad-bahis, zakat-bahis, old-bahis, Sava Bahi, Hasal Bahi, Vivah Bahi etc.
Bikaner English Records such as Mahkama Khas (1891-1914), PWD Records (1914-1948), PMO Department Records (1927-1949), Army Department Records (1914-1947), Bikaner Classified Files (1896-1927), Jaipur Secretariat confidential records(1894-1940) etc

Alwar State
Alwar English records such as Toshajhana, Mahakma-Khas, Judiciary, Dault-Khana, Mahkma-Alia-Hazori, Army, Rasora Khas, Police, Education, Mines etc
Records of Administrative J.D.A., Army, C.S., home branch, Accounts, Education, Police, Mines department
New Alwar Patta Record
Jaipur State
Datoor Komwar (1708-1866), Nawajana (1708-1852), Nasokha punya (1712-1870), Dwani Hajuri (1873-1900) Vakil reports (1681-1688), Khatot Ahalkaran (1681-1701), Khatot Maharajgan (1677-1718), Wills report printed (1725-1887), Draft Kharite (1725-1897), Yaaddashi Rajasthani (1807-1940) etc
New Tozi and Arsattha Record
Jodhpur State
Patta files of city Patta kotwali (1894 to 1951)  .We have online Approx 4.00 Lacs Bahis of Marwar Jodhpur State namley Arji Bahi, Hajuri Bahi,Futker Bahi, Hakikat Khata Bahi, Hakikat Register, Hath Bahi , Jodhpur Dafter Hajuri, khajana Bahi ,Kharitha Bahi, Khass Ruka Parwana Bahi, Ohada Bahi, Patta Siga re Bahi ,Sand Parwana Bahi, Vivah re Bahi,
Jodhpur Non- Archival record
New Patta Bahi Jodhpur
New Mahekma Khas Records of Jodhpur
Ajmer State
New Ajmer Dargah Record
Judicial Record
New Ajmer commissioner Record
Kishangarh State
Bahis of Kishangarh
Sirohi State
The Pattas of Mount Abu Sirohi (From 1849 to 1885).
Bharatpur State
Judicial Record of  Bharatpur
Jhalawar State
Judicial Record of Jhalawar

Archival Library
Records of adminstrative reports of princely states, Round table conference, Chamber of prince, Treaties Engagment & Sanads, Agriculture, Economics, Education, History, Biography, Archaeology etc
Revenue & Settlement, Political Administration Reports, Gazetteers, Rules & Regulation, City Improvement, Alwar Gazette, Rare Books etc
Administrative reports of 110 states of India, agriculture, Census,  Feminine and revenue settlement, medical & veterinary etc.
Departmental Publication
NewNow anybody and at anywhere can see the 55 departmental           publications based on original Archival sources in a single click on as these publications are available online for research scholars and professors to consult and upgrade their knowledge and spread it among students. The main ones are :-
Rajasthan through the Ages Volume - 1, 2, 3
Farsi Farmano ke prakash main Mugalkalin Bharat evem Rajput Shashak Part :- 1, 2 & 3
Rajasthan Swadhinta Sangram ke Sakshi kuch Sansmaran (Jaipur, Jodhpur, Haroti, Ajmer,  Dholpur, Karoli, Alwar, Bharatpur Anchal)
Rajasthan Role in the Struggle of 1857 and many more books.
Purandhar ki Sandhi between Aurangzeb and Shivaji
Ganga Risala : The Camel Corps
Records to be Online Soon
Administrative reports, Alwar

Dr.Mahendra Khadgawat
Rajasthan State Archives

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