Friday, December 28, 2012

Gidwani's "March of the Aryans" along with his earlier book, Return of the Aryans"

Gidwani's "March of the Aryans" along  with his earlier book, Return of the Aryans" 

सम्माननीय भगवान गिदवानी जी की सद्य प्रकाशित पुस्तक के बारे में ईमेल प्राप्त हुआ। अमूमन अनजाने स्रोत से प्राप्त ईमेल पढ़ने से गुरेज करता हूं किंतु श्री गिदवानी जी का नाम और प्रेषक  के बारे में अल्प जानकारी पर मेल पढ़ा और नायाब पुस्तक के बारे में जिज्ञासा बढ़ गई। प्राप्त मेल के अंश साझा कर रहा हूं...
...   Gidwani also explains how the country, with  far-flung frontiers, and thrice the size  of present-day India, came to be known as Bharat Varsha.

 All literature on India begins with the Vedic Age. Gidwani's "March of the Aryans" along  with his earlier book, Return of the Aryans"  are  the only books which trace India's drama far back to pre-Vedic roots. Its appeal is, therefore, powerful and enduring to those in search of India's pre-ancient cultural, philosophic, spiritual and material heritage. Also, it fulfils a long-felt need to keep alive, for younger generation, the awareness of the foundation and eternal values of India's culture.

Author Gidwani is a best-selling historical novelist. His earlier book, “The Sword of Tipu Sultan was made into a major TV Serial for which he wrote the script, screen-play & dialogues.

Writing recently about March of the Aryans, Mr. Jadunath Shiroor observed:

“….Gidwani was a bureaucrat by profession. He was India’s Additional
Director General of Tourism, ex officio Joint Secretary & Director
General of Civil Aviation, Counsel for India at the World Court at
The Hague, Representative of India at ICAO (UN agency)
and finally, Director of ICAO (UN) in Montreal, Canada. Yet, he makes
an original and fundamental contribution to historical literature….”

Dr.Keane and Prof.Townsend have also endorsed the view of Mr. Shiroor to say that ‘March of the Aryans’ as also Gidwani’s earlier work, ’Return of the Aryans’, present an original contribution to historical literature though Gidwani does combine novelistic imagination along with his considerable research.

You have no doubt read other reviews as well, though the book was released only recently.